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DMK Medi-Pedi® Advanced Pedicure Treatment

Get you baby feet back!

MEDIPEDI® is a totally non-invasive pedicure treatment which softens callouses, corns, cracked heels or rough dry skin build-up on feet.

MEDIPEDI® can achieve excellent results in just one treatment!

WHAT TO EXPECT: DMK’s MEDIPEDI™ procedure is a one hour in-clinic treatment capable of delivering excellent results in one or more treatment sessions.

First, we assess the feet and establish problem areas by looking for thickened areas on your feet, toes and tops of the feet. We also look for bubbling skin or cracked areas.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE NEEDED? Excellent results are seen after just one treatment. Some extreme calloused skin conditions may require more than one treatment to remove everything.

TREATMENT: DMK ALKALINE WASH is the primary product used in treatment that is responsible for the removal of dead, hardened skin. Special ingredients used in the MEDIPEDI™ products are designed to sink deeply into dead cell layers of skin where they move away heavy cell build-up. The skin is softened and nourished underneath avoiding the recurrence of a build-up of callouses.

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