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DMK Programme Two - Beyond the Basics

To attend this course you must have completed Programme One.

This special hands-on course will cover treatments beyond the basic DMK Programme One training, including but not limited to the following protocols:

AlphaZyme-helps to improve blocked pores and skin’s texture.

Working to draw the free water levels up in the skin, AlphaZymedislodges acne causing blockages and clears the pores. It also encourages dead skin cells to lift away to revise the overall texture and appearance of the skin. AlphaZymecan be used for many different skin conditions, such as open pores, sun damage and thickened, ageing skin.

Bihaku-For a luminous complexion this skin brightening treatment is a professional programme.

As skin function declines the effects of ageing, stress and environmental influences start to appear and create an uneven skin tone and rough appearance and texture. This treatment helps the skin regain a brighter, even and luminous complexion.

Eliminare-Ideal treatment for clearing deep congestion and soothing reactive skin.

Designed to strengthen fragile capillaries and increase oxygenation of the skin, Eliminareencourages the skin to function optimally and in turn push up and out deep congestion.It also works toreduce the redness associated with vascular scarring, reactive or dehydrated skin, andvascular matting.

Hydradermaze-Impactful treatment for congested skins and skins that show signs of ageing and sun damage.

Hydradermazeis an advanced treatment programme designed to accelerate results when working with congested skin. This can also be done as a 12-week skin revision programme for ageing, wrinkles and sun damage!

Red Vein Treatment (RVT) –Helps with facial flushing, visible fragile capillaries and scarring.

This treatment helps with the reduction of facial flushing, visible fragile capillaries, and red/purple scarring. An applicationof a specialised product called Red Vein crème is used to stimulate blood flow and flush weakened blood vessels and strengthen them.

DMK - Creating Confidence From The Outside - In

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