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ARTDECO Fashion Colours AW18

Fall for the new Classic

With its new Fall for the new Classic collection, ARTDECO has created a unique combination of classic and modern. The Beauty Box has been reinterpreted. A functional design and clean lines give the ARTDECO classic a new, modern look. Expressive colours such as red and berry tones form a symbiosis with modern blue and smoky anthracite. Classic elegance and expressive femininity are skillfully combined.

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The NEW and innovating Magnetic Palette is for you to create and make it your own.

An on-trend palette with an innovative sliding mechanism and geometric design is perfect for storing ARTDECO eyeshadow, blusher, camouflage cream and eye brow powders. A unique palette to suit your everyday needs.

The silky Eyeshadows, with their eye-catching colour intensity and excellent hold, can be easily and gently applied. Four new shimmering colors will get you in the mood for Fall: “Pearly terracotta” No. 24A emphasizes the eyes in a glamorous bronze. For an expressive look in a strong blue, try “Pearly night sky” No. 76. “Pearly chocolate” No. 162 is a dark brown. For a classic look, choose “pearly taupe” No. 195, a light gray-brown.

The High Precision Liquid Liner’s flexible high-tech tip made of synthetic single fibers makes a precise eyeliner application easy. This season a new shade, “gray” No, 2, is available. The liquid liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The new paraben-free Ultra Deep Black Mascara guarantees a stunning effect. It contains intense black pigments that wrap around the eyelashes for a smooth, deep black. Achieve a highly uniform and intensive application thanks to the wand’s closely spaced bristles. They perfectly separate and optically extend the eyelashes. Additional small bristles at the top of the wand enable precise styling and add volume. These can be used to lift individual eyelashes and to skim the finest lashes at the corner of the eye or at the outer edge. The mascara is long-lasting and smudge-proof. Natural carnauba wax and castor oil protect the eyelashes and keep them supple.

The Ultra Deep Black Mascara is suitable for every eyelash type, for sensitive eyes, sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Application: Apply the Ultra Deep Black Mascara from the base of the lash to the tip in zig-zag motions. The application can be repeated depending on the desired volume. Then use the tip of the wand to lift individual sections, separate eyelashes or coat finer lashes as needed.

Minor blemishes of the eyebrows can be concealed professionally with the classic, refillable Eye Brow Powder. The powder enables an even application. The combination of different shades gives the brows a very natural look. The current Eye Brow Powder colour selection is complemented by the new shades “truffle” No. 12 and “cinder brown” No. 18.

The paraben and talc-free High Performance Lipstick (mat) combines an extra-matte finish with seductive creaminess. The light texture envelops the lips evenly with rich colour and leaves a long-lasting, velvety-soft feeling and a pleasant vanilla scent. Intense pigmentation with high opacity means that a stunning finish can be achieved after just one application. High-quality mango butter and modified coconut oil ingredients care for the skin and keep it smooth and supple. The four-matte red-brown earth tones “mat terracotta” No. 724, “mat crimson red” No. 738, “mat garnet red” No. 749 and “mat grape juice” No. 762 perfectly match nature’s Fall colours.

The Full Mat Lip Colour gives an extra-matte, intense finish. With its high pigmentation, this smooth texture gives intense colour and opacity with just one application. The light formula can be easily and evenly applied thanks to the oils and waxes it contains. High-quality ingredients such as Brazil nut oil, peach extract and candelilla wax gently nourish the lips and leave them supple. After application, the texture dries immediately and becomes matte and long-lasting. Get the perfect Fall look with our two new shades: “raspberry lover” No. 18 gives the lips a strong red colour, “rosewood praliné” No. 33 a reddish brown.

The limited-edition Blush Couture, “the new classic”, offers a perfect combination of three complimentary colours with a subtle, pearly effect. By mixing the three shades, the optimum shade can be achieved. You’ll love the light texture that is soft and delicate to apply and the high colour brilliance. The top-quality mirror’s geometric pattern is repeated on the blusher. The Blush Couture is paraben and fragrance-free. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

Application: Use the ARTDECO Blusher Brush Premium Quality to mix the colours and apply to the cheeks. The colours can also be used individually.

The Stay & Shine Top Coat seals each ARTDECO colour lacquer for a long-lasting result and gives a high-gloss finish. The lacquer can be gently removed with a conventional ARTDECO Nail Polish Remover. The nail lacquer is suitable for sensitive skin.

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