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ARTDECO Bronzing Collection

Dive into the new collection an Ocean of Beauty! Vibrant turquoise and vivid coral tones come together to lead you into a colourful underwater world.

The limited edition vegan cruelty free All Seasons Bronzing Powder three colour shades are perfectly co ordinated and can be worn individually or together depending on the season and skin type. A subtle shimmer gives you a healthy glow and a sun-kissed look. Each colour contains pearl pigments that reflect under the light for a radiant glow. The velvet texture is softening on the skin barely noticeable it’s the best bronzing powder for a wide range of skin tones. The bronzer is free from mineral oil, parabens, fragrance, silicone and talc free. It comes beautifully packaged in a coral pattern.

Eyelights PaletteThanks to the intense eyeshadows of the eyelights palette you can create individual looks from natural to dramatic smoky eyes This palette will leave you longing for the ocean! Discover shades of metallic and matte that mirror the oceans colours. With the eight vibrant eyeshadows you can create everything from everyday to eye catching makeup looks. Eight co ordinated pearl and metallic shades including four marbled shades offer countless makeup looks a combination of brown, coral and blue tones is reminiscent of a beach holiday. All pallets contain a practical, integrated mirror.

The mineral oil, paraben and fragrance-free, vegan Eyelights palettes are suitable for sensitive skin.

Angel Eyes mascaraThe ten-hour-lasting, vegan Angel Eyes Mascara conjures up a heavenly eye look. The thinner tip reaches even the shortest lashes. The wider brush area emphasizes the corner of the eye and visually opens the eyes. A balanced combination of waxes guarantees ultimate volume and care at the same time. The mascara in "black" N°1P1 conjures up an eye look in classic black. The luminous blue of "azure" N°6P1, is available in a limited-edition sea blue design and makes the mascara a visual highlight.

The paraben-, silicone- and talc-free Angel Eyes Mascara is suitable for sensitive skin (only N°1P1), sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Color Boosting Lip BalmThe colour booster lip balm from Artdeco is a product that enhances your natural lip colour with delicate color pigments. The shade here is coral resulting in a radiant fresh lip colour. The lip balm also has a lovely texture a precious oil from tropical trees forms the basis for this lipstick. Peach extract and apricot kernel oil adds nourishment to the lips and the spearmint flavour offers a freshness.

ARTDECO'S Bronzing collection will be available to purchase from pharmacy's and selected salons nationwide and online on

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