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Cirépil Pre Waxing Tips

5 ‘to do’s’ to prep your skin before waxing

Summer is just around the corner and we want to keep our skin soft and healthy, we know that waxing can sometimes be a painful and uncomfortable procedure, but here are a few tips to help you prepare your skin for it and leave you with a perfect post waxing skin.

  1. Talk with your wax specialist and pay attention to your skin

Check your skin before you go into a salon. If you have bruises, inflammation or even broken skin, wait for it to heal before making an appointment. If you have any other concerns about your skin talk to your therapist.

  1. Don’t keep it short.

Your hair needs to be an appropriate length for the wax procedure, not too short but not too long either, two or three weeks of growth should be enough. Some waxes are designed for short hairs so if you need an urgent wax talk to your therapist and she can find the perfect wax for you.

  1. Exfoliate your skin.

I bet you heard this one before, because YES, exfoliating your skin 1 or 2 days before waxing can help the procedure. The exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin, making sure the wax grabs hair instead of skin, but keep in mind to do it at least 1 day before your appointment and don’t scrub too hard, we don’t want your skin to be sensitive.

  1. Keep your skin moisturised

Moisturising your skin can help reduce pain during waxing, YES PLEASE! A well moisturised and healthy skin helps with the wax removal. Just keep in mind that on the day of your appointment you should use a moisturiser that absorbs into your skin or you can just leave it to the therapist, she can apply pre and post-waxing products that will leave your skin fabulous.

  1. Get to know the product.

Before your appointment make sure you ask your therapist if she’s using the appropriate wax to your skin type. You may not know but there are many types of waxes, warm or cold, with strips or without, for dry skin or sensitive skin… ask your therapist to find the one that works better for you.

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