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Bodycare In A Minute

With life busier in recent years more than ever before, it can be difficult to fit everything in and to take care of ourselves. With Diego Dalla Palma, there may be a solution!

Diego Dalla Palma has released a range of body care products that can be used in your morning/evening shower and have multiples purposes, thus cutting down on time while still giving your body the TLC that it needs.

In Shower Moisturising Body Scrub

Multi-action, practical and ultra-fast: scrub + moisturising cream to use in the shower for a regenerated and velvety
body skin in just 1 minute! It is innovative in that it removes dead cells at the same time leaving a comforting moisturising film on the skin so that you do not have to apply a moisturiser after your shower. Its exfoliating action performs a light massage that encourages absorption of its micro drops of Amazon patauà oil and vitamin E for a soft, elastic and protected skin.


Smooth, elastic and protected skin in just one move.


Apply a generous amount on wet and already cleansed skin. Massage in circular motions, focusing on rough areas. Rinse body thoroughly. Use once or twice a week.

Moisturising Shower Cream

Real comfort for the skin: a special cream to take in the shower for a cleansed and hydrated body skin in a single gesture! Its special mousse texture creates an enveloping foam that gently cleanses and at the same time leaves a comfortable velvety film on the skin, which does not require the application of a moisturiser after the shower. Rich in sweet almond oil with a softening and nourishing action, for a silky, soft and protected skin.


apply a generous amount on dampened skin. Massage with circular movements, Rinse well.

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About Diego Dalla Palma:

The dermocosmetics are the result of the latest research and innovation in the fields of dermatology and molecular biology. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results which are even more rapid thanks to the cabin rituals of reharmonization. Premature ageing and skin imperfections are due to a change in cellular communication which causes poor functioning of the activity of all the skin's structures. The objective of Diego Dalla Palma professional - RVB Skinlab is to detoxify, balance the metabolism, stimulate cellular dynamsation, vitality and longevity, thanks to the 51 +3 Hyalu Complex, an exclusive RVB Skinlab registered trademark, with a multi-active bio-revitalizing action. It reintegrates the optimal level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin's imperfections on several levels. The result is rebalanced and intensely regenerated skin.