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Medi Pedi

The DMK MediPedi foot treatment removes calluses / corns / cracked heels / rough, dry hard skin build up / dark pigmented areas and any fungal or bacterial infections!

MediPedi, the”Danné Alkaline Wash Callous Treatment” for the feet is exceptional. It leaves the most rough, cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth and soft without the use of any blades or rasps.

Clinical trials have proven that Medi Pedi reduced further callous build up and left the feet smoother and softer for much longer. Unlike rasping and scraping techniques, which research has shown to cause a thickening of the skin that resulted in a short-lived / unsatisfactory solution to dry calloused feet.

Today’s clients are concerned with hygienic environments, cross contamination and risk of infection and rightly so. The Danné alkaline foot treatment is 100% hygienic, safe and best of all effective. Alleviating the concern in all these areas while achieving a more superior result than aggressively blading or rasping skin from the feet.

MediPedi, gently, yet very effectively and efficiently dissolves away dry hardened crusty skin build up on the feet. MediPedi incorporates our unique alkaline solution, herbal pigment oil and Maximum Moisture. These products swell, dissolve and soften redundant cuticle build up and then returns the skin to a normal pH level.

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