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DMK Thermawave 2.0 Multi-Function Skincare Device

Following the huge success of Thermawave 1.0, we are thrilled to launch the new Thermawave 2.0 to enhance your at-home skincare routine.

Thermawave 2.0 is a multifunctional skincare device that uses sonic vibration, hot and cold temperatures, and red and blue LED light to elevate the revision process. The device works best alongside DMK Treatments and Home Prescriptives. Each Thermawave feature benefits the skin in a different way.

The Thermawave can be used to enhance the performance of DMK cleansers, drops, serums, creams, and much more.

Benefits of Thermwave 2.0

Thermawave Protocols-example


Use Trans-epidermal water to volumize hydration level and to create an osmotic gradient.

1. Cleanse with Enbioment™ Cleanser

2. Apply Wetter Than Water™ evenly

3. Apply Blue 470 nm waves + 20 KHz Sonic Waves with Thermawave 2.0 for 2 minutes

4. Apply Sonic 20 KHz waves with Thermawave 2.0 for 2 minutes (to increase collagen density)


Use the FirMatrix™ serum to fill in lines and provide a lifting effect.

1. Cleanse with Enbioment cleanser

2. Apply Wetter Than Water

3. Apply FirMatrix serum on the skin spread evenly and do tapotement

4. Apply TransGenesis®

5. Apply 620nm Red-Thermo +20KHz Sonic waves for 2 mins

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