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Are you ready for a skincare revolution?

Are you ready for something revolutionary? Our new probiotics line, ENBIOMENT, will be launching this year!

DMK’s Enbioment™ will be the first of its kind, changing the skincare industry!

Working to help improve and maintain the health of the skin’s microbiome, Enbioment™ is going to change people’s lives who suffer from:
• Acne
• Rosacea
• Psoriasis
• Eczema
• Atopic dermatitis
• Skin fungus

Just like your gut, the skin has an elegantly balanced microbiome that is literally your body’s first line of defence as part of your immune system. So you can see how important it is to maintain a healthy environment for the microflora living on your skin.

Would you like to know? We have added a Q&A below with some information but will release more information when we can. Keep an eye on our DMK Ireland Facebook and Instagram accounts where we share the information first!

Who should use Enbioment?
The Enbioment system was created for people suffering from various dermatological disorders due to imbalance or a deficit in the skin's microbiome. Individuals suffering from eczema, rosacea, skin fungus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis are prime candidates for using Enbioment™ because these conditions are commonly associated with an imbalance in the skin's microbiome.

Will it help individuals with Acne?
The answer is YES, but only once the acute acne breakouts are under control.
The reason for this is because our acne corrective products are highly anti-bacterial and will negate any positive effects the Enbioment™ system will produce. Therefore, the Enbioment system should only be prescribed to acne clients who can control their acne with DMK acne correctives, only during the day. They can then use the Enbioment™ system at night, at least 12 hours after using DMK acne correctives.

Are there products that should not be used with Enbioment?

Enbioment is meant to be used with all DMK Home Prescriptives or with the finishing product in OMK Skin Revision Treatments. The only products that should NOT be used with Enbiomen are:

• Acne Wash
• Acu Wash
• BP 5% Lotion
• BP 10% Lotion
• Acu Klear
• Acu Mist
• Acu Masque

The reason is that these products are specifically formulated to kill most bacteria which counteracts the purpose of the Enbioment system. Acu Creme, Acu Moist and Actrol Powderdo not have enough anti-bacterial ingredients to negate the Enbioment™ system and can, therefore, be used in conjunction with the Enbioment system.

Can individuals without these conditions use Enbioment?

YES, anyone who understands the importance of our microbiome in our skin health, can use Enbioment to help improve and maintain the health of their skin's microbiome.

How is the Enbioment cleanser different from other DMK cleansers?

Firstly, Enbioment Cleanser has been formulated with a gentle preservative system that causes less disruption to the skin's microbiome. Secondly it contains several prebiotics and postbiotics that help feed and maintain the microbiome. This helps the microflora to rebound quicker after each cleanse.

Enbioment will be launching later this year and we will share more details as soon as we can!

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