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Waxing the bikini line is a delicate task, often challenging even for experienced professionals. The skin in this area is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation, making the process of removing hair here more complex than other body parts. Professionals must be highly skilled and attentive, as the bikini line has curves and contours that require precise application and removal techniques to avoid injury and ensure a smooth, even finish. A whopping 25% of hair removal clients come for the bikini area.

Different skin and hair types can react differently to waxing, necessitating a tailored approach for each client. The pain and discomfort associated with this procedure can also be a concern, requiring professionals to be adept at providing a comfortable and reassuring experience. Furthermore, maintaining hygiene and preventing infection are critical, as the bikini area is susceptible to bacterial growth due to its warmth and moisture.

Enter YONA by Perron Rigot: A comprehensive new range that combines expertise, gentleness, nature and effectiveness, to preserve and nurture your bikini line and labia. With a history of expertise in depilatory waxes and post-care products, Perron Rigot now offers two core features: VAJACIAL, a spa service targeting the bikini area, and a premium line of intimate care products for daily use.

YONA is designed to soothe, treat imperfections, and maintain well-moisturised skin, especially post-hair removal. This comprehensive routine is a step towards enhanced well-being and care for the intimate area, suitable for all women. According to an in-house survey of conducted by Perron Rigot, over 30% of women may have ingrown hairs in the bikini area. YONA treats imperfections like ingrown hairs and bumps caused by hair removal, rids the skin of dead cells and treats pigmentation and irritations.

What does a YONA VAJACIAL entail? This 7-step procedure involves cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, and hair removal, along with a specialised device treatment (like High Frequency, LED, or peeling spatula) tailored to specific issues such as ingrown hairs or redness. It concludes with a specially chosen Jelly mask and a treatment serum. Entirely pain-free, this treatment offers immediate relief, a feeling of deep comfort, and exceptional skincare for the intimate area.

In addition to the above, YONA also includes a line of products for clients to use at home as part of a 3-step aftercare routine:

The Intimate Micro-Peeling Foam: This foam features a gentle exfoliating formula with 97.5% natural ingredients, including Nopal Flower Extract and Lactic Acid to enhance the skin's exfoliation process without irritation. Prickly Pear Extract offers immediate comfort and soothing effects. The product, which has a fresh White Lily & Orange Blossom scent, is designed to respect the intimate area and is gynaecologically tested. Efficacy studies show that 90% of volunteers experienced visibly soothed, even, comfortable skin with reduced imperfections.

Perfecting Bikini Mask: This Perfecting Bikini Mask utilises Lemon Caviar extract, a new generation AHA, and a natural biotech-derived ingredient to exfoliate and promote cell renewal, reducing ingrown hairs and pimples. Calendula Floral Water, rich in fatty acids, soothes even the most sensitive skin irritated by waxing or shaving. Comprising of 99.3% natural ingredients and gynaecologically tested, the Perfecting Bikini Mask is designed for intimate areas and has a revitalising Pomegranate scent. Post-use, 85% of volunteers reported soothed, softer skin with fewer ingrown hairs and reduced itching.

Intimate Perfecting Serum: This special serum, with 99% natural ingredients, addresses waxing or shaving imperfections. It blends Chaulmoogra Oil and Lotus Flower Extract to combat ingrown hairs and pimples, while Prickly Pear and Jojoba Oils soothe and hydrate, enhancing the skin's protective functions. Designed for the intimate area and gynaecologically tested, it leaves skin soft and comfortable, with 90% of users noting a reduction in imperfections and increased smoothness.

With YONA by Perron Rigot, you're able to provide clients with the pinnacle of intimate waxing technology and care. This advanced system ensures not just an exceptional waxing experience but also equips clients with the essential aftercare tools they need for ongoing maintenance, ensuring lasting smoothness and comfort.