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The Magic Of Magic Fix!

Do you find that your lipstick disappears before you’ve even had your morning coffee? Or transfers or smudges throughout the day?

Don’t worry, we have the solution!

What is Magic Fix?

ARTDECO’s Magic Fix seals in lip colour perfectly for long-lasting, smudge-free, kiss-proof and waterproof lips! By sealing in your lipstick, Magic Fix locks in your lipstick and makes sure it stays in place by preventing transfer onto glasses and cups, plus extending the longevity, ensuring your colour stays stronger for longer.

Magic Fix works like an invisible protective shield for your lips and contains natural ingredients such as essentials oils for a nourishing boost while Lavender Oil is added for its nourishing and calming effects. Say goodbye to irritating feathering or bleeding around the lips!

How to use Magic Fix?

Apply your lipstick as normal, removing excess lipstick with a paper towel. Then apply Magic Fix over the lipstick which will prevent bleeding. You may feel a slight tingle for a moment - a natural reaction to the alcohol. Let Magic Fix dry for just a few seconds with your lips slightly open. Clean the Magic Fix brush thoroughly after each use with a paper towel or tssue to keep the brush and bottle clean.

Perfect Matches with Magic Fix

Lip Scrub: ARTDECO’s Lip Scrub turns dull, dry lips into kiss-soft, sugar-sweet lips in seconds! The perfect prep product before you apply your lip colour and Magic Fix!

Multi-Active Lip Balm: This balm nourishes and protects damaged lip skin and gives it a slightly glossy finish. The moisturising cocoa butter will also instantly help with dry, chapped and rough lips. Camphor and menthol also soothe dry and chapped lips with a gentle cooling effect

Perfect Colour Lipstick: Thanks to the perfect, even colour and intensity, this lipstick packs a punch in one swipe. Hyaluronic acid and collagen smooth and plumps the lips while specially selected care ingredients such as waxes and rich oils keep lips soft and supple!

Please note that Magic Fix is not suitable for fixing creamy or glossy textures in place. For example, Magic Fix is perfect for fixing Perfect Colour Lipstick and Art Couture Lipstick, however it is not suitable for Colour Lip Shine.

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