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Misslyn Launches in Penneys!

The baby brand of Artdeco, Misslyn is the new must have make-up that won’t break the bank.

“We feel like this brand adds something different and exciting to our current suite of brands and will be very eye catching on the shop floor. The press refer to it as an affordable benefit or the balm. The product is excellent and the packaging has the fun pop art design.”

Senior Buyer in Penneys

If you are a keen Make-Up Artist or just love getting your hands on something new and trendy, then this is the brand for you! Colourful, sassy and provocative, Misslyn puts a modern twist on Pop Art Design with its creative styling and funky look!

Not only is this one of the most eye-catching brands on the market, the quality is fantastic and the product names are impossible to forget …. ‘ Brow Chicka Wow Wow Liquid Eyebrow Liner’, ‘Treat me Sweet Powder Blush’, Love at First Boost Volumising Gloss’ !!! We just love 'em .....

Their latest collection is KISS MY LIPS ... we asked them for some detail & this is what they told us ....

The latest Misslyn collection, KISS MY LIPS conjures up lips to fall in love with. The new lipstick in rose gold packaging always impresses, not only on the lips but also in the makeup bag!

For love at first sight, the new lip gloss makes lips look fuller. The new COLOUR CRUSH LIPSTICK offers rich colours. The creamy texture and the even colour output give the lips a smooth feeling and an irresistible finish. Pure pigments melt into the lips and make them shine in 24 seductive colours.

The new LOVE AT FIRST BOOST VOLUMIZING GLOSS conjures up sensual lips with a delicate vanilla scent. The care formula in the texture makes lips look fuller. Seaweed extract regenerates the skin and protects from free radicals. Six shades draw attention to your lips.

Sounds like fun .... here's some more of our other favourites .....

Beach Please! Bronzing & Contouring Powder

These cute booklets with a delicate matt texture create the perfect holiday tan. With six shades available including ‘Holiday Hooray’, ‘Barbados Babe’ and ‘Hi From Hawaii’ they tell us we'll have no problem finding the right shade !!

Stay With Me! Matt Fixing Spray

The perfect match for an extra long-lasting make-up! We love this product …. light-weight and gentle on the skin!

Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

Available in 3 different shades this palette is an absolute must-have! With ten matching colours, you absolutely have your finger on the trend pulse! You can actually combine all colours in these funky palettes so you can create your individual look for any occasion! Me likey these!!!

The absolute boost for your eyelashes! This oversized brush offers fantastic volume which couldn't be easier to apply. At just €11.45 you won't find better value on the market!

This fun brand is now available in Penneys Mary St Dublin 1, Liffey Valley S C, Blanchardstown S C, Dundrum S C, Eyre Sq Galway and St Patrick St Cork! We don't think it will be long before this goes nationwide ....

Also available online at Beauty Bay!

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