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The 'No Makeup Makeup' look has become a staple in the beauty world, known for its subtlety and natural finish. This approach to makeup is about enhancing your natural features without appearing overly done. Here's a comprehensive guide to achieving this effortlessly chic.

Understand your skin: The first step is understanding your skin type and creating a routine that embraces and enhances your natural skin, creating a happy, healthy canvas. Invest in a good skincare routine to ensure your skin is well-moisturised and feeling comfortable. For dry skin, opt for richer, hydrating moisturisers with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Macadamia Nut Oil. ARTDECO’s Hyaluronic Intensive Cream will quench dry skin. Oily or acne-prone skin will benefit from oil-free, non-comedogenic formulas that will be light on the skin and won't clog pores like ARTDECO’s Oil Control Cream. Combination skin will appreciate balancing moisturisers like ARTDECO’s Skin Perfecting Cream, while sensitive skin requires gentle formulas with soothing ingredient like ARTDECO’s Calming Sensitve Cream.

Choose the right makeup products for the perfect base: Say no to heavy foundations and instead opt for lightweight, sheer products that match your skin tone perfectly. BB creams or tinted moisturisers are ideal for this look as they provide light coverage and often come with added skincare benefits. For areas that require extra coverage, use a concealer that closely matches your skin tone. We recommend the Light Luminous Foundation, the Natural Skin Foundation, and the Moisturizing Skin Tint from ARTDECO to accomplish this barely-there base.

Focus on Subtle Enhancements: For this ‘No Makeup Makeup’ look, the goal is to subtly enhance your features. For the eyes, a hint of mascara to define the lashes is sufficient, and the ARTDECO All in One Mineral Mascara is the ideal option. A neutral eyeshadow that's slightly shimmery can be applied for a bit of depth, and we love the ARTDECO Eyeshadow shades 374 Glam Golden City, 22 Pearly Golden Caramel, and 26 Pearly Medium Beige for this. Opt for brow gels or light pencil strokes to fill in the eyebrows while maintaining their natural shape. Artdeco Clear Lash & Brow Gel is the ultimate tool for a natural brow look.

Add a Touch of Colour: Blush and bronzer should be used sparingly. Choose a blush that gives a natural flush to the cheeks, and if using bronzer, apply it lightly where the sun naturally hits your face. ARTDECO has a range of gorgeous blushes and bronzers to brighten and uplift your complexion, keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

Finish with a soft, supple lip look: For the lips, avoid overly bold colours. A tinted lip balm or a nude lipstick that complements your natural lip colour is perfect. To finish, a setting spray or a light dusting of powder can be used to ensure everything stays in place. ARTDECO Colour Booster Lip Balm offers rich nourishment through apricot kernel oil, peach extract, and valuable plant-based oils. Additionally, it features self-colouring pigments that react to your lip's pH value, enhancing your natural lip colour. Depending on your unique pH, the shade ranges from a subtle rosé to a delicate pink, leaving your lips looking relaxed and radiant. It's more than just a lip balm; it's a complete lip care solution and the perfect finish to your ‘No Makeup Makeup’ look.

The 'No Makeup Makeup' look is all about simplicity and enhancing your natural beauty. It requires the right products, good techniques, and an understanding of your own skin. Remember, less is more with this style. With practice, you can master this look for a fresh, everyday appearance that feels as good as it looks.