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Seasonal Treatment AW18

In autumn, your skin is weaker. In winter, it slows down. Autumn is a transitional phase, the skin looks paler, loses its tone and becomes dehydrated. In winter, life slows down, the skin’s metabolism diminishes, and peripheral blood circulation slackens. Without sunlight, Vitamin D has trouble adhering, which explains the slowed cellular renewal and loss of radiance. Overall, it is necessary to compensate the skin’s lack of vitality and reinforce its defense capacities.

This autumn, Sothys renews its chronobiological treatment offer with The Oxygenating Seasonal Treatment, 2018 Autumn-Winter Edition: a dose of oxygen and minerals to boost the skin’s defense system before winter, for face and body.

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The Face Treatment

The facial option is a 45 minute oxygenating treatment that entails several successive key steps:

The Body Treatment

The body option is a 1 hour and 40 minute treatment that is available as a perfume concentrate, to create a 100% personalized body treatment, its steps are:

An invigorating treatment that restores the skin’s radiance and freshness. A body treatment that can be enjoyed alone, or in addition to the facial treatments.

Home Care

After these amazing treatments you will feel your skin hydrated and glowing, but we know that when it comes to skin treatments it is necessary to continue taking care of your skin at home. So, to complete your skincare routine, Sothys 2018 Autumn-Winter Edition is introducing your essentials home care for the season:

Multi Action Cleansing Oil - Gently removes make-up (even waterproof) and impurities for soft and beautiful skin. Ideal for all skin types.

2 in 1 Mask Exfoliant - A scrub and mask combined into one product. Rich in pink clay, it restores softness and radiance to your skin.

Nutri-Melting Balm - An original formula enriched with nutri-comforting that combines the texture of a balm with the finesse of a melting cream. Envelops the body with a gourmet vanilla - passion fruit scent.

Sothys stockists can place their order here!