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Sothys Organics - A Real Success!

Our eagerly awaited Sothys Organics® range launched this year and seems to be living up to our consumers’ expectations. To understand the reasons behind its success, we are delighted to share this Sothys Quarterly Magazine "My Sothys Mag" Maga interview with France Sales Manager, Laurent Valegeas.

Can you explain why this range has been successful with our consumers?

There is clearly an increasing desire for organic face products. In general, consumers have become noticeably more aware of the importance of using natural and organic products on a daily basis, particularly on the skin. Clients now want to know the origin of the products they apply to their skin. This is also part of a more responsible new lifestyle. Our clients also like the strong commitment the brand has made through this certi?ed organic range, which is also vegan and plastic neutral.

What are the advantages of this range?
Firstly, this range allows us to highlight our transparency, with certi?ed formulas and packaging that explain all the necessary information so that clients knows what they are buying. The second, is our key active ingredient from our region, birch sap. It is our made in Corrèze signature ingredient...

Who can the professional facial treatment be recommended to?
To all our clients! That’s why it is so appealing to:

What are the key bene?ts of this treatment in your opinion?
Its duration – it is quite short compared to Sothys regular treatments. This makes it easy to recommend for all types of needs:

It is an appealing treatment that gives clients the chance to discover the brand and its e?ciency in a short amount of time! This quick treatment can also be combined in a package with a body massage, for example. It would make the perfect gift for women or men.

What initial feedback have you received from clients about this treatment?
It is an efficient and popular treatment: everyone loves its effect on the face and that it is very relaxing, particularly thanks to the wonderful scalp massage. They also enjoy being able to immerse themselves in a unique world with music that was specially designed for this treatment.

What about the product range that complements this treatment?

These products make it possible to continue the experience at home and have the added bene?t of forming a complete range, from make-up removal to day treatments, including:

Their eco-designed packaging is fully in line with the overall concept behind this new range.

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