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Spring Into A New Season With Sothys

As winter draws to a close, the skin can feel quite fatigued due to harsh weather conditions and need a refresh from the festive season. To start the new season, the skin also needs to replenish its store of oxygen and vitamins.

This spring, Sothys is continuing its chronobiological treatment offer with the 2019 Spring-Summer oxygenating treatment. A genuine boost of energy and vitamins to revitalize the skin and help it prepare for the summer months. This treatment contains active ingredients renowned for their antioxidant, moisturising, radiance and vitality properties

This seasonal treatment containing delicious notes of yuzu and grapefruit, will detoxify and restore radiance in only 45 minutes!

Professional treatment:

At home:

Treatment Procedure For Professionals

Step 1 : Make-up removal

To prepare the skin to receive the treatment, the beautician cleanses the eyes and skin using appropriate products to the skin type.

Step 2 : Exfoliation

The beautician applies the 2-in-1 mask exfoliant to free the skin of impurities. Used as a mask, it provides oxygen to the skin. Enriched in pink clay, this will give softness and radiance to the skin.

Step 3 : Modelling

The beautician then massages the face using the Modelling cream with grapefruit extract, a smooth, enveloping cream with nourishing, moisturising properties, for a sensual massage.

Step 4: Mask

To finish, the Radiant peel-off mask, containing the essential yuzu extract, is applied to the skin. This will complete the treatment and restores skin’s radiance.

Step 5 : End of treatment

The beautician applies the Oxy-vitamins radiance treatment followed by the appropriate Sothys skincare cream. If the client wishes it, an express make-up can then be applied with products adapted to her own skin tone.

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About Sothys

A French, family run business: Sothys is a family business that has inherited a long tradition of quality, based on human values. Since 1966, and handed from father to son, it is the passion of the Mas family that drives the brand forward. Today, the new generation of the Mas family - brothers Christian and Frederic - oversee the company.

Sothys is now pursuing the aim it set out to achieve a few years ago: to develop its presence in the spa market. A historical presence in the most prestigious spas, hotels and beauty salons world-wide. Sothys is present in over 120 countries, with more than 15,000 beauty salons. Developing the network of partners remains the company's number one ambition.