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Triggers of Acne – Lockdown Edition

During lockdown we have seen a huge increase in various skin issues. The added stress of not being able to see our loved ones, living life mostly indoors and a general lack of everyday routine has had a negative effect on our skin. Acne has been one of the main culprits! Even if you don’t normally get spots or blemishes, you may have found, in the last year you’ve had random breakouts popping up overnight.

So, what can we do!?

Unfortunately, skin health is closely link to mental health, poor diet, underlying health disorders, so even slight changes in our stress levels, or eating highly processed, sugar rich diet can throw your skin out of whack! The skin is a complicated organ, it needs a lot of tender love and care!

“When doing virtual consultations my team and I have found a lot more clients presenting with acne, out of the blue breakouts and overall, just irritated blemish-prone skin. For most clients we’ve had to look outside the box and talk about stress management and diet as well as the right DMK skincare” Michelle – Owner, Michelle’s Skin & Beauty, Galway.


We have all had our fair share of added stress this year and unfortunately stress and acne are not a good mix. The onset of breakouts and acne can cause stress in itself, so add more stress or anxiety to the mix and the acne can become worse. There are lots of ways to try and minimise stress, exercise, meditation, and the right supplements can also help lower stress levels, add in good quality skincare and you’re on the right road to treating your acne and breakouts.

Choosing the right supplement is important, in DMK we have our EFA supplements that contain Seabuckthorn Oil, Evening Primrose & Vitamin E. These potent little capsules contain 190 key nutrients, essential fatty acids, and vitamins to help boost the immune system of the skin and help regulate stress hormones. Along with a healthy balanced diet and a good quality skincare routine, these powerful supplements can help calm the inflammation, irritation and breakouts associated with acne.


Eating a healthy diet is obviously going to work wonders for your skin, that, and plenty of water. Making even the smallest changes in your diet can make a big difference to your skin. Eating more fruit and veg is an easy way to nourish your body and promote healthy skin. Cutting out processed foods and drinks high in sugar is the best thing if you are suffering with acne (see our Not So Sweet Truth about Sugar blog post). Changing to wholegrain carbohydrates and adding in foods rich in omega 3 are also important for healthy skin function. Again, adding DMK EFA supplements daily can be beneficial. They contain omega’s 3,6,9 & 7 that are essential for overall healthy skin and body. We all have good intentions to stick to a healthy nutrient rich diet, however it is extremely hard to get all your body’s needs solely from your diet. That is why we always turn to EFA’s to help! By adding in a good quality supplement, you are treating your body and your skin from the inside out.

Face masks

This year it has become mandatory to wear face masks, on public transport, in shops, in outdoor and indoor settings. If you have started to wear a face mask on a daily basis or for long periods of time, you may have noticed your skin becoming irritated, dry, sensitive and more blemish prone. This is due to a build-up of moisture and heat underneath the mask, which is the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria. The friction from having a mask on all day can also contribute to breakouts. There are a few simple ways to prevent this and to protect your skin.

Using gentle non-drying cleanser such as, DMK’s Milk cleanser, Deep Pore or our Enbioment cleanser morning and night will calm and soothe inflammation and breakouts. Using hydrating products such as Beta Gel serum, Betagen cream or Acu crème along with our Herb and Mineral Mist/Acu Mist will create a protective barrier on the skin and keep hydration locked in and nasty bacteria under control. Just make sure you put your creams, serums, and mist on a good 30 minutes before your mask! Avoid putting a mask on over damp skin.

Acu Mist can be used by itself throughout the day to rehydrate and prevent the build-up and spread of bacteria, and it is a handy way to sanitise a reusable mask if you’re stuck. Another mask tip is to make sure you wash them thoroughly with a gentle detergent, heavily perfumed washing powders or fabric softeners can cause irritation to the skin and compromise the skin’s barrier and microbiome.

If the microbiome of the skin is disturbed bad bacteria and yeast infections can flourish and this can lead to perioral dermatitis and eczema.


Finding the right products for your skin (especially if you are breaking out) is important. Over-treating the skin with active ingredients such as AHA’s and Retinols can cause more harm than good! Pair back your actives and keep it simple, using the wrong products or too many active ingredients can compromise the skin’s protective barrier and lead to dehydration, sensitivity, and increased breakouts. Sometimes less is more!

In the fight against breakouts, a salicylic based cleanser such as the DMK Acu Klenz can be easily added to your routine, this will help prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria that can lead to congestion and breakouts. Doing regular home masks are also a fantastic way to treat acne and breakouts. For sore spots and cysts, our Acu Masque is ideal for a quick salon style treatment. This bentonite and sulphur-based mask is perfect for anyone suffering with inflamed, irritated blemish-prone skin. It can be used twice a week, applied to cleansed skin, and left for 10-20 minutes and rinsed.


While we are having a mild autumn so far, which is great, not protecting the skin with a good quality hydrating serum such as our Super Serum and an SPF can wreak havoc on your skin, even if you aren’t outside as much. Being exposed to UV radiation and blue light energy on a daily basis can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Even short periods of unprotected sun exposure can cause pigmentation, premature aging, increased oil production and inflammation. While blue light energy from our phones, iPad and laptops can cause cell damage, clinical reports show that even an hour of exposure to blue light energy from electronic devices can cause damage to the lipids and proteins that repair the skin, protect against bacteria and retain moisture in the skin. So, get that SPF on!

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