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Sothy Body Ritual For 2019

This year, we're boosting the body ritual!

Like the face, the body ages and daily care is the only way to keep it looking toned. Sothys now presents its very own dynamic duo and you will be hooked on this range! Discover the new silhouette body products in salon and at home, for an offer that is always on the cutting edge.

Silhouette Body Care Range

Pro-Youth Body Serum

The new essential step in your body care routine to keep your body looking young. Experience high-tech effectiveness and stimulating results because your body -as well as your face - deserves cutting-edge skincare. the Pro-Youth Body Serum is a very concentrated formula with high tech active ingredients and targetted action. Suitable for all ages and all year round, it can also be used as an intensive treatment during the winter months to prepare the body for lighter spring clothes.

A dense cream when initially applied to the skin but melts upon application for a smooth, satin finish.

89% of users found that by using twice a day for 28 days found that their body appeared visibly younger and experienced a smoother décolleté and firmer arms.

Silhouette Exfoliant

The new delicious and invigorating treat for the body - a boost for your body for the summer ahead! An irresistible texture, this luxurious gel contains sugar exfoliating grains and volcanic rock powder for a smooth finish.

Perfect to use in the shower, this exfoliating complex of sugar and volcanic rock powder helps to exfoliate daily and eliminate dead cells. It also contains Bigarade Flower Extract as an active ingredient, chosen for its lipolytic draining action to facilitate the elimination of fats.

Essential Slimming Care

In addition to this duo, our Essential Slimming Care is an indispensable and essential product for slimming and the perfect ally to the silhouette collection.

Suitable for all ages and on all cellulite, the formula is designed for efficiency with one daily application. Alcohol-free, the creamy gel texture melts upon application and absorbs quickly into the skin, allowing to you to dress with no drying time needed.

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About Sothys

A French, family run business: Sothys is a family business that has inherited a long tradition of quality, based on human values. Since 1966, and handed from father to son, it is the passion of the Mas family that drives the brand forward. Today, the new generation of the Mas family - brothers Christian and Frederic - oversee the company.

Sothys is now pursuing the aim it set out to achieve a few years ago: to develop its presence in the spa market. A historical presence in the most prestigious spas, hotels and beauty salons world-wide. Sothys is present in over 120 countries, with more than 15,000 beauty salons. Developing the network of partners remains the company's number one ambition.